Step by Step Science Based System Rewires Your Mind in the Next 30 Days
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Flip Your Rich Switch:
30 Days to More Abundance 
The Push Button System for Reprogramming your Mind for Success, Cashflow & Happiness
You're about to learn the money manifesting secrets most people will never know. It has nothing to do with what you think...
I bet you’d like to be as wealthy financially as you are spiritually, or perhaps you’ve struggled to welcome money into your life while remaining grounded, balanced, and true to your highest values.

If so, then now is your chance to not only overcome the real blocks that prevent wealth and abundance from flowing naturally into your arms, but to develop a harmonic relationship with money that empowers you to take care of yourself and your loved ones while leaving a positive impact on the world.

The Flip Your Rich Switch System breaks the old patterns & creates a NEW YOU! 

“If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the
habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.” 
― Joe Dispenza, New York Times Bestselling Author
Normally $597 but only  3 x $97 or $250
for 26 Days To Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth
  • VIDEOS: 3 4 MIND REWIRING VIDEOS: 4 different multisensory, encoded videos (2 - 3 minutes) to use daily to accelerate embedding your new beliefs and goals.  
  • AUDIOS: 3 4 GUIDED AUDIO MEDITATIONS: 4 different multisensory, brainwave encoded beautifully guided Audios (10 -14  minutes) to use daily to manifest your vision, transform fears to confidence and limiting patterns to empowering habits
  • NEW! QUICK START VIDEO TRAINING: Set your goals, choose your new mindsets, create your Magnetic Wealth Affirmation and get ready in an interactive, guided video. 
  • NEW! “Awaken My Rich Vision” Meditation: Guided meditation to amplify and strengthen the emotional power of your vision for life, goals and income. 
  • NEW! “Clear Your Fear” Energy Healing Video Session: Reuse as often as needed to help you harness the power in your fears, and never let fear stop you again.
  • NEW! “Rich Switch Activation”: Guided audio activation to amplify your feelings and vision of your abundant new BlissLife, thoughts and feelings.
  • Magnetic Wealth Affirmations: Another layer of reprogramming you to automatically feel, think and act abundant and rich.
  • Belief Clearing Audios: no transformation works without belief clearing, so you will get 3 belief clearing audios to use as needed. (Money, guilt, shame, fear...)
  • Lifetime Access to the Rich Switch Membership Site with all videos, audios, templates, worksheets, Playbook, Proof journal, Transition Journal, Gratitude Gone Wild Sheets and more.
  • An email EVERY SINGLE DAY telling you what to do and exactly how. Simple as possible, all it requires is your commitment and action. 
  • Step by step instructions on how to build new beliefs, habits and routines that will support your wealthy life from now on… put it on autopilot so you naturally do, feel, think and act from KNOWING who you are and what to do
  • MORE Mind and emotion transforming guided audio processes to use daily, twice a week or weekly to support your deep inner shifts
  • Daily Inspiration: Magnetic wealth affirmations, inspiring quotes and mindsets to inspire you in your day to keep creating those new neural pathways to ease
  • A PlayBook - a guide book to reference so you know what you are doing and why
  • Templates: worksheets that build your key mindsets, Wealth esteem and Wealth Image, plus belief structure and goals.
  • The top key mindsets to install and live from for an abundant life
  • Energy support, love, energy and clearings from me! I will be clearing, connecting and blessing each one of you in this program!


"Mindsets frame the running account that’s ongoing in people’s heads" Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck

"Research in science, psychology and education shows that self-doubt and fear—powerful impediments to progress—can be overcome with focus, careful practice and knowledge of brain chemistry." Washington Post

An abundant life awaits you...
Flip Your Rich Switch with me for VALENTINES DAY and get 
for your Rich Switch Life Creation ToolBox
  •  NEW & LIVE BONUS #1: “The Rich Switch Quick Start LIVE” Interactive Training and Goal Setting plus “Awaken My Vision” Meditation - a 2 Hour Interactive Training Video to set your goals, choose your new wealthy mindsets, create your Magnetic Wealth Statement and understand your daily routine. I will also answer your questions live. This will take place LIVE on February 19, 2019 1pm - 3pm ET, and will be recorded and added to your Membership Site for Lifetime use. ($610 value)
  •  NEW & LIVE BONUS #2: LIVE “Flip Your Rich Switch” Clearings with Nan Akasha, the “Fairy Godmother of Money”, on February 25, 2019 @ 6pm ET ($500 Value). This live call includes Q & A and 1-1 clearings and readings about your Energetic Money Blocks + strategy suggestions. Call will end with a group “Rich Switch Activation” (recorded for you and added to your membership site for you to use over and over)
  •  NEW BONUS #3: “Clear Your Fear” Energy Healing Video Session ($333 Value)
  • A guided High Income Hypnosis session with LightBody Healing designed to cleanse and clear any fear energies that are blocking your clarity or flow around manifesting your goals around money, wealth and worthiness. This video works on all levels: Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, and will be a powerful session for you to revisit often throughout your life.
  •  NEW BONUS #4: New Daily Routine - Audio & Video! Debuting Feb. 21, 2019. ($333 value). Be the first to receive this Brand New High Income Hypnosis 10-12 Minute Money Mindset Reprogramming Audio and 2 minute Mind Rewiring Video.
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The Washington Post
"With goals in mind, psychology research emphasizes the important role your mindset can play in your potential for achievement" ~ Washington Post
are you in?
"Free Your MInd and the Wealth Will Follow" - Nan Akasha, "Fairy Godmother of Money"
  I know this information is worth more than $100,000, if you use it, it could be worth $500,000 or more! This is permanent, life change... building habits, beliefs, and mindsets that will support you the rest of your life! 
So I decided to give you an easy way to GET $2,373 worth of cutting edge transformational tools for only $597… 
Imagine what is possible!
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Remember Money is an energy, and energy is an exchange, it will flow to you in relation to your BELIEF and ENERGY around money, wealth & worthiness.
NOW IS THE TIME... Start the flow of abundance TODAY!
“All my goals I set for the Rich Switch Program manifested, within the month!”
Denise Ray, Austin, TX

“Hey Nan! I can’t really put into words how the ‘Rich Switch’ program has been ‘re-programming’ me…. So instead I want to give you a loving and grateful ‘virtual’ hug – hope you can feel it :D! ? Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts with the world. Much Love, D”
I hit 80% of my 30 Day Rich Switch Goal in only hours of the first goal activation!
-Julie Ling

“Been trying to do my taxes -- for, like, two weeks. The day i started rich switch, I was finally able to reach someone and get signed in -- and found my refund - it is 4/5th of what I asked for! (in the rich switch call) hours earlier!
"I have $500 towards my goal!

It's only 2 days into Nan's "Money Vacuum" process and I have many 'rich' things coming, and I have $500 towards my Rich Switch goal!

My list of possibilities was huge (from the 'Find the Money' Process) and I am going to start to work on them today! So excited about this process>"
- Georgette Smith
Tired of a roller coaster income? 
Struggling with Fear and Anxiety around asking for a raise or for clients to hire you or raising your rates? 
Want more Clarity and Confidence about your value and purpose? 
Ready for an easy, ‘sit back and relax” system for reprogramming all those limiting beliefs and fears so you can start to making more money with more ease and happiness?


This is a science based, International best selling multisensory system (audio, video, kinesthetic) and mind programming course that literally “Flips the Switch"... in your Mind and DNA. We give you a daily 3 step system to break free to manifest your goals, reprogram your mind, transform negative beliefs and create new powerful habits. This Step by Step Multimedia Course will give you FOUR DAILY Routines to follow so all you do is plug in your headphones and relax!
“so LOVING the Rich Switch process!!! You eloquently orchestrated that masterpiece and permeated it with flowing love. No wonder the wealth comes; you’re opening consciously & subconsciously the flow of energy from awareness, help, action, & all done in the right light/Spirit of intention & daily attention. Thank you so much for your guidance & love, 
Blessings to you all day long! Love”
Denise Hale
Denis Hale
I look forward to helping you remove your money blocks, get into alignment with the abundance of the universe, and finally let wealth flow naturally into your life." Nan Akasha, CHT DHom MM LBHP
As a 30 year Entrepreneur, Doctor of Homeopathy and Master Hypnotherapist and creator of "High Income Hypnosis™", I help people all day find out what Invisible Fears and Beliefs are haunting you and preventing you from the success you desire. I know you want an easy step by step way to get to the cause and transform it for good, so your goals manifest more quickly and with less struggle.
I know you are ready for more money, peace and opportunities in the next 30 days. This is how to change your thoughts with day to day guidance until you create a whole new belief system, mind, bank account and a whole new you!
Your Divine Source Codes or key codes are being triggered, within you within your DNA and your Spiritual blueprint to WAKE UP to your natural state of ABUNDANCE. This is why so many people feel fed up and want something different. Just today I have talked to 2 people who are dissatisfied, and disappointed and depressed and say “I know in my mind I am ready for a new life, more money, inner peace and happiness and doing what I love, but I do not know how to move it from my head to my heart and take action that is inspired and will generate results.”

Sound like you?

Stop spinning your wheels and gathering massive info…. time to get present and DO what will help you to BE and allow you to HAVE.

Easy Step by step course… with done for you encoded audios and a system you can re-use month after month!

Most have no idea how to start and what to do on a daily basis that really makes a difference.

One main reason so many people do some things, inconsistently and read a lot, and take courses and still see little shifts or results, is…

**You have to get the proper foundation and DAILY momentum in order to become the CONDITION through which your Vision, or Soul Purpose can be expressed into reality, into the physical world you experience daily.**

In other words:
you can learn and get certified and have how to’s… but if you are not doing the things DAILY that create a field within YOU that is ripe ready and receptive to (More money, peace, love meaning, freedom…) and ALIGNED with your Soul Purpose and Vision… you cannot anchor it in physical reality.

So within YOU is where we go to shift the environment, the energy, the space, that is optimal for your Vision to take up residence and become your daily life.
"Nan is the Fairy Godmother of Money! $3000 new money in the first week!" 
~ Catherine Behan, Couples Coach
Flip Your Rich Switch Incorporates all the newest brain science, psychology and technology on how to change a belief or inner program for good... and install a new one.
“Meditating is also a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial, since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.” 
― Joe Dispenza, Hit Movie "What the Bleep?"      
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